OMG! My dream bag is on ebay!

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  1. yeah~ that's nice, and the price is good also, i saw a black one selling for $8000+
  2. I recall trying this on here and it was HUGE and I thought I would be able to fit inside it sat in the store for a while:yes: If you adore it ...then go for it BUT remember miroir will be here very soon:graucho:
  3. It's beautiful! :love:
  4. If I had the means...and loved it as you have and lusted after it like you have...I would HAVE to have it!!!
  5. I agree :smile:
    Will you use it though?
  6. If you'd used it often I'd go for it :yes:
  7. Yeah, there in lies the rub....would I use it ???
  8. It's hugeeee!
    How often will you use it though??
    Unless you travel a lot...I don't really think it's practical. Just my opinion but it's a pretty bag!!
  9. Lol. :smile:
    IMO, it's kinda expensive for something you might not use. Chances are, this will still be around for awhile. I think a lot of people have the same thoughts on it that you do (love it but don't just want to buy it to have it sit around).
    Do let us know what you decide though :yes:
  10. That is HOT!! Get it get it! :biggrin: But only if you'll use it.
  11. Cute!!! If you think you would use it, get it. Otherwise, it will pop up again.
  12. It's gorgeous if I could swing the money for it and had a good use ;)
  13. Its a gorgeous piece but very huge and heavy.. i've tried it as well!
  14. Get It!!!

    You have to buy this bag - it's absolutely gorgeous!!