OMG My DH has ruined my son!

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  1. I come home today and I was unpacking my new purse and my son says, "oh mom, did you get yourself another swap-meet Louis?" :wtf: Mind you this is not his first reference to this. He said it IN PUBLIC a few days before when I was carrying my silver speedy. He finds it funny because my eyes get huge. :wtf: Of course all of my bags are real, DH knows I would never purchase a swap-meet Louis and he knows fakes irritate me. Dh thinks it's SUPER funny when my son says that because he taught my son that (he makes jokes about my "swap-meet" Louis' all the time) and mainly because of my reaction. Not so much (well at least not in public! LOL)

    I am certain you all know what this is in reference too but just in case you don't...There is a song that talks about buying swap-meet Louis. Basically that people at the flea markets and such are buying "Louis Vuitton"

    Just thought I would share as it's really a funny story but imagine if you were dressed up, carrying your VERY REAL bag, you are getting a ton of stares because your new mirior is practically blinding and then your child says, "that's a nice swap-meet Louis Mom," :wtf: with a ton of people around in earshot!
  2. Too funny!
  3. Someone is getting grounded...........
  4. Thanks for sharing - it certainly made me laugh :roflmfao:
  5. Oh my! If your son actually said that in public, Crystal, you'd have to contain yourself! LOL Perhaps you can reprogram your son to say, "Mommy loves authentic LV only." Would that work? :roflmfao:
  6. Sorry, syntagma, but lol! :yes:

    Ahem, what new purse?
  7. I did contain myself shockingly but I swear my eyes were the size of oranges! :wtf: I just acted like I didn't hear him until we got into the car and I was like, "ummm don't say that anymore," and then he said it again today! AGH! Apparently I have to take more action. Tha bad part is my DH laughs about it! LOL

    Okay it is funny, really. But still a bit embarassing!
  8. I got a Baggy PM and some sunnies today! :smile:
  9. I Agree!!!!:yes:
  10. "Go to your room until you show some respect for my bags." :roflmfao:
  11. too cute!

  12. OMG That would be so classic! :roflmfao:
  13. Poor Crystal! Your son is soo adorable though!
  14. That's hilarious!
  15. hehehe..........too cute!