OMG, my daughter plucked 5 keys off laptop keyboard!

  1. I can't believe it! My daughter's 4 1/2 years old and I usually don't have issues with her. I went to get my hair done today so I decided to leave her behind while her g-grandma watched her. I left the laptop out like I always do beside the bed. Saw it when I came home and it looked fine so I thought nothing of it. Decided to surf TPF tonight and couldn't figure out why I couldn't press the shift button:confused1:. I thought that maybe it was stuck under another key. Then I realized it was detached from the keyboard and the rubber piece underneath was missing! Thought that maybe it was just that piece but realized the cap lock, alt, ctrl and num keys were also flat and missing the rubber piece:wtf:! She threw the rubber pieces in the garbage and put the keys back in it's proper place so I wouldn't notice:cursing:! I was so angry. But when she admitted that she broke it and hid it because she didn't want me to get mad, I had to remind myself she was only 4. Ah well, I needed a new laptop anyways.
  2. Oh no!!!! She probably feels so bad. I did some awful things as a child - I once superglued my brothers hand to a toy car!!

    Still its a good excuse to get a new laptop!;)
  3. What kind of laptop? For Dell you can buy replacements off the website for around $10. I suspect other brands have replacements as well.

    I've replaced mine and it was very easy to do.
  4. :wtf: wow.....

    erm did u ask her why she kept on doing it and plucking out keys when she clearly knew she was doing something wrong?

    i hope u can get them easily replaced like Christine mentioned... otherwise,,, those are going to be some EXPENSIVE keys if u have to replace ur laptop cos of that...

    good luck
  5. When I was a little girl, we used to have a Cadillac, and back then, the keyhole to the trunk is covered by the Cadillac logo. (To get to the trunk lock, you move the logo via hinge.)

    My brother broke the logo off, and, scared our dad was going to get mad, he propped the logo back onto the car.
  6. aww your right she only is 4 yrs old, I would look around and see if you can get an replacement or hey get a new
  7. I guess kids don't always do the darnest things, no matter how cute they are.

    SHe might've just been curious, and she's probably really afraid you'll find out. SHe's only 4 years old. =)
  8. Oh boy... How did she manage to pry the keys off like that? She must have thought she can put them back with no problem.:push: But at least she admitted doing it, right?

    You did mention you needed a new laptop, right? :biggrin:
  9. Sorry to hear that. Kids do things without thinking, she is only four after all. Too bad she chose such an expensive toy. I admit, my mom told me stories about how when I was a kid I used to love ripping things, and once I opened her wallet and ripped up a $100 bill because I was mad!!!

    Definitely call the brand of whatever laptop it is, as I don't see why that can't be fixable.
  10. Look on the bright side, you know she's smart to put things back so you don't get mad ;) and you get a new laptop.
  11. LOL, thanks all. Yah, she ripped one off and thought it was fun I guess. She knows not to touch it anymore. DH told me to get a new laptop so I may get this fixed and give it to her when she gets older, LOL.

    Love the other stories!!!
  12. Sorry about your computer keys!!! When I was a kid, I locked the rental car key in the trunk while my family was on vacation in Hawaii!!! My dad was so mad!! We had just stopped at a tourist destination, so I'm assuming that he just went inside to call the rental car agency to send out someone to unlock the rental car. I learned my lesson as I've never locked my car keys in my car as an adult! (But, that's what Triple A is for!!!)
  13. The most important thing is that she admitted it. That's a very brave thing for a 4 year old to do! If I were you I'd be proud to have such an honest child.
  14. Well, at least she admitted it. Hopefully you'll be able to fix it without it costing too much. When I was little, I cut up my mom's ID card just because I felt like using scissors. Then I taped it back together. She used that ID for several years until she finally got her driver's license. It must've looked pretty strange to anyone who asked to see her ID.
  15. Both my kids (almost 5 and 2) have taken off numerous keys (once they were ALL off)... as long as the rubber thing is still on it is easy to replace... if not you will need a new keyboard... depening on what kind of computer you have Apple will replace for 50... My DH had an IBM and it was almost the cost of a new laptop.