OMG my Crazy friend is ruining her LV

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  1. Hi all, as I told you a while ago my friend painted her bags and Now she has done the most carziest thing EVER. OMG its bad and this time I told her, she said it looks good but im yet to be convinced. Here it friend loves patina, but because she doesnt take her graffiti speedy out, its hardly got any she made her own :Push: . She used tea bags and wiped them onto the vachetta and its turned it dark...Im still waiting to see her bags but i just hope they dont look as bad as I think they will. I told her that I thought she was stupid since the bag is Limited Ed but its allready got pink flowers hanging off the khaki graffiti letters :s
  2. :wtf: :crybaby: I hope poor 'Speedy' is OK.:sweatdrop:
  3. oh no!!!!!! tea bags???? good lord, that poor speedy!
  4. o..m..g..tea bags!! poor bag!! I hope she knows what she's doin!!
  5. Wow..she really must not care.
  6. dont post pics please, that image in my head is already enough damage!
  7. I know :crybaby: she thinks shes doing something good to it, she really does love LV but likes to customize her bag. Obviously she has crossed a line and now she is doing dumb things with her bag.
  8. I havent got any and I wont post them if I do get any. But I think its tragic, a Khaki graffiti speedy with pink flowers hanging off the letters and tea on the vachetta :crybaby:
  9. please post pictures *to see is to believe* if it turned out good i might do it too
  10. PICS!!!! Snap some pics when you see it!! I gotta see this!
  11. Your friend really doesn't care for her speedy!!!!!!!!!!! Why would she do that!!! OMG!!!!!!!!
  12. lol when and if she comes down I will get some pics but she lives so far away. Im gunna arrange for her to come down at christmas so sorry if the pics are late
  13. Leave it out tanning in the sun or something.....just don't experiment like that especially with a discontinued bag!
  14. I would not experioment with any of the things I have heard people do to their bags! They are to much $$$ to do something irreversible.
  15. OMG ROFLMAO, I swear you got the craziest friends Socialite, who the hell would do that. Tea bags:nuts: