OMG! My Carly just arrived!


Mar 19, 2006
The delivery guy just got here and my Carly has arrived! I'm so excited I can hardly type! It is gorgeous! The camel leather is fabulous, I love the shiney gold hardware and the saddle trim is TDF! The interior is a beautiful yellow satiny material! What a fabulous bag! If you are on the fence with this one, I recommend it highly! I got the medium which is going to be the perfect size for me! I'm off to get some pics now! :yahoo:
OK, here are some quickie photos! Hope they are good enough! I hate pics that don't do the bag justice! It's sooo pretty! First pic is w/o the flash but I still don't think it caught the true color. I think the stock photo is a good representation of the color though! :love: Sorry if these are too big... I'm in such a hurry!


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Thank-you! I'm frustrated that I can't get a better picture but it's not nice outside so can't get a pic in the sun! The flash makes it looks so washed out! Well, anyway, it's gorgeous and I am absolutely sold on Coach! :love: :girlsigh: :tender:
Can you please take a picture of it on your shoulder?

Sure but I really hate body shots of myself! LOL! But how's this? Medium Carly with large, slouchy Tinkerbell sweatshirt! :rolleyes: And for fun, Carly with my new lips charm! :heart:


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:nuts: Wow... I have to say, I saw the signature Carly's in person and wasn't that swayed - but WOW, that carmel looks great!! I love it!! Congrats!

Darn, I thought that was one less thing on my wishlist!:graucho:
I just got the Flower Charm in today along with an A and a G charm for my initials. What do you think about this charm on the Carly?


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