OMG my car window!!!! :(

  1. :crybaby:

    Today when I came home from helping with preparations for my uncle's party tomorrow, I went to close my window (I have electric windows, with an option to have "one-click roll up/down") and what happens?

    The motor winds the window all the way up, but doesn't stop!!

    All of a sudden, I hear a pop, and I go and touch the door and the glass slides down in the door!!! :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:

    Figures something like this would happen to me. The place where I bought my car from two months ago told me that there was nothing that they could do since that's not covered under my "Kundenservice" (customer service) policy. They actually sat there on the phone with me and tried blaming me on this, when obviously I did nothing wrong! :crybaby:

    So I called the local VW dealer and asked them for a quote on how much a new electric window motor + a new window would cost, and they told me around 250 EUR. Which isn't as bad as I thought!

    Now I've got a plastic garbage bag covering my window :sad:

    Hopefully it will get fixed soon :sad: My uncle asked his friend who is a mechanic to see how much the parts are if he buys them himself, and if they are cheaper his friend will do the repairs for me.
  2. Ohhh sorry to hear it! I hate car problems!
  3. That's so terrible (and it sounds really scary)! I hope you can get it fixed!
  4. That's horrible! We just bought a house in December & now the AC doesn't work & the frige just broke this morning. Hopefully, it's not too expensive. Good luck hopefully you can get it fixed cheap by your uncle's friend.
  5. I wish you the best with the repairs! It's SUCH a pain in the butt when something brand new doesn't work and they should never blame the customer for such a malfunction!
  6. That window issue has been a problem on VWs for a while. I have a Beetle and I've read about it happening to other people. I am hoping if it happens to mine it will still be under warranty! How stressful for you though, I hope you can get it fixed soon!
  7. that suxs ,hope you can get it fixed soon
  8. Oh wow, sorry this happened to you! It's such a drag.
    This has to be some production flaw, are you sure your warranty doesn't cover it? Sometimes they just try to get you to pay for something you shouldn't have to!
  9. I had the same exact thing happen to me with my VW Jetta a few years ago. Fortunately, there was apparently a recall for it, so I didn't have to pay to get it fixed.

    I'm sorry that this happened to you.
  10. That sounds horrible! :sad:
    Hope it can be fixed soon!
  11. Why don't you ask about the recall? It must be a production flaw then! Good luck!