OMG! My boss & Paris Hilton!

  1. My boss is in LA on vacation.. she's such a celebrity stalker (like me!)... she called yesterday & said she'd sat next to Paris Hilton at lunch yesterday & had her picture taken with her... she mentioned that the papparrazzi was also taking pictures of her at the same time... so I thought hmmmm... I searched the obvious websites & found it!!! OMG a video of my boss, her sister & friend with Paris outside of a store getting their picture taken... check it out! The video link is the in the middle of the still pics. She's at the very beginning of the video right after Paris leaves the store!
  2. interesting!
  3. awww, she's lucky, i've never seen a celebrity!
  4. That's pretty cool that she's in the video even though I don't know exactly which one she is but still that's awesome. Even though Paris is well.. :sleepy: to me but that's a different topic.
  5. Lol
  6. She's standing directly to Paris' right.. brown hair, sunglasses & a lace-up top.
  7. ^^ Ohhh alright! :yes:
  8. That's so cool!
  9. Haha cool!
  10. Your boss looked good! :yes:
  11. I like Paris's dress.
  12. Me too. :yes: Anyone know who makes it?
  13. I love her dress too!
    I think it's cool to see a celebrity. Since I think celebrities at least to me seem cartoony, not their appearance, they sort of seem fictionalized. So it would be a trip to see them as real people and not characters on a screen.
  14. lol, that's too funny :smile:

    How fun!
  15. thats cool!