OMG! My Black Satin Cabas!!!! YAY!!!!!

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  1. :yahoo: I can't believe I was able to get this!!!:yahoo: Words cannot explain how much I LOVE this bag!!!:love: It is the best! Super lightweight and a pleasure to carry! I just love this.

    SPECIAL shout out to Sea~ who went out of her way to locate and get this for me! I will never forget your kindness!!!!:heart: :heart: :heart:

    DSC04132.JPG DSC04156.JPG
  2. It is beautiful. I always loved how the satin cabas looked.
  3. goodie goodie!!! finally ur posting that beauty :smile:
    modelling it for us zac! or i will post u the pic of me modelling it for u LOL
  4. Thanks Michele!!!:heart:

    Sea~ go ahead and model:yahoo: ~ I will model this weekend and post the pics~ not feeling like taking my photo's today~ it's miserable weather here.
  5. Wow, so pretty
  6. congrats zac! it's lovely! :yahoo: and sea that is so sweet of you to help her locate one....:girlsigh:
  7. Thanks girls!!!:heart:

    Mick~ I know!!! I am so overwhelmed by Sea's kindness!!! I think I told her a thousand times!!!

    If I could locate another satin I would buy it in a heartbeat!!!
  8. well thats crazy- i did not even know there was a satin bag..ITs lovely.. Glad you love it..
    Beautiful bag
  9. u know i can't wait to show this beauty i find for u LOL
    so, here i brace myself to post the pic i modeled for zac when i first found this for her :shame:
    i'm 5'4" btw, and look how huge it is!


  10. i've never see the satin one, i love it. Oh it's so pretty, congrats!
  11. HUGE! But really cute. Congrats!
  12. OMG~ Is huge! Is very beautiful... love the satin.
  13. Thanks so much everyone!!!

    Sea~ it looks like you could live in it! LOL Thanks so much again!!!! You are the best!!!
  14. Zac - it's outrageously gorgeous...........isn't it nice to be in bag nirvana? :smile:

    Enjoy her sweetie :heart:
  15. i WOULD if i COULD!
    my God, it even ryhmes well :roflmfao: