OMG! My Black Basketweave MAB juz arrived and it is...

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  1. REALLY GORGEOUS! I love it and i am definately keeping it! :love: Although i have always wanted the original style, i think this new black basketweave is really a class of its own! The new hardware makes it a classy yet understated bag! Love the smooshy leather too! Perfect for many occasions! GUNG and Dee you may be right about it being the perfect bag! :P I am a happy woman now! :yahoo:

    Will try get some pics up soon!
  2. congrats! glad you love it!
  3. Now I really want one too....
  4. :sleepy: dreaming of getting my first RM...;)
  5. :tup:
    Once you get the first one, there will be many more...
  6. Here are some pictures as reference for those who are still unsure or considering this bag!

    Notice that the bag slouches when placed on the floor even when it is stuffed with papers! This shows how smooshy the leather is! On the third pic you can see how the new hardware stands out against the black leather and complements it perfectly!

    I also took a group shot of my 3 RM babies (blue with grey suede matinee, black basketweave MAB and Silver MAM):love: for comparison!
    All 3 of them have really different texture! IMO, the black basketweave has the best leather and is the easiest to maintain! The matinee and MAM leather is more stiff and scratch prone!

    So i am actually very satisfied with this purchase now! But if in the future i chance upon the original version i may still want to add it to my collection as inspired by some members in this forum! :P

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  7. love them all!!
  8. Congrats on the new have a great collection.
  9. piffle! I'm so happy you received it!!! :yahoo: Isn't it just divine?! :tender:

    On another note, I have the same matinee girl!! It's finally coming back to me after waiting 4 weeks for repairs... :happydance:

    But yes! Basketweave is yummy! Have you smelled it yet? Isn't just so yummy? :love:
  10. Congrats on the gorgeous addition!
  11. Thanks ladies! I love them too! Trying to build up my RM collection slowly!;)

    LOL! And i got my matinee from FLL too! Glad that you are getting it back dear! And OMG you waited for 4 wks!!! I dunno whether i can be so patient!! :P Like i said b4 we can be bag twins coz i have a Wine Nikki on pre order too!

    The black basketweave certainly exceed my expectation! The smell and the texture is really Yummy! Like it's fresh out of a factory or something! :heart:
  12. piffle, is the bag really soft?
  13. Yes! The basketweave part is slightly more stiff but leather around it is very thick, smooshy yet lightweight. Quite impress with the leather on this one actually..:tup:
  14. Yay!!! We are most definitely twins! :yahoo:

    Thanks lady! :flowers: Oh no, I was not really that patient. :shame: I emailed Lizzy every week, and called the store about 4 times. :nuts: They should be sending it back soon. Hopefully I will get it by next week!... Here's hoping... :yes:

    Me too! I swear I just keep caressing the bag. It's SO soft!
  15. Piffle
    quick question - how long ago did you place your order on FLL? I checked last night and it said will not ship till June 16th (I want the black MAM)-- don't want to wait so long so I am trying to hold out for the sample sale in NYC. But if you ordered recently and received it already then I will order the MAB-- don't think I will be disappointed from what I see in your pics!
    thanks for the pics by the way.