OMG!!! My BI Purse arrived and I'm in love!:)

  1. After 8 additional days, my beautiful HG BI Purse arrived and I absolutely LOVE it!:yahoo: The color is quite different than I had envisioned but I really love it!:heart: It is really subtle yet at the same time really intriguing!:love:

    Thank you so much again for all of your kind words when I found out that Customs might keep my BI Purse for up to 4 weeks - I really appreciate it! :flowers::heart:

    Here are some pics - hope you love it as much as I do!:tender:

  2. [​IMG]
  3. Congrats!!!!! It looks great on you. I am glad that customs didn't take the full 4 weeks.
  4. Oh Marie I'm so happy you got it so soon!!! You look faaabulous!!! The color is delicious, no? Very fitting for Australia, I imagine!
  5. MarieG, it looks great on you! :tup:

    If you don't mind me asking, where did you get the Purse? Because I called Bal-NY and I was told that the Purse is a discontinued style and they don't have those anymore :crybaby:
  6. Very nice! One of my all time favorites. Enjoy.
  7. Very nice congrats. the bag looks great on you
  8. Another great addition to your growing collection. Best wishes.
  9. Thanks so much, Vbskull, Danae (my BI sister;)), J0yc3, Allisonfaye (my second BI sister;)), Annabellet and Fred&Ginger!:yes::heart:

    J0yc3, I got my BI Purse from a dear friend!:tender:
  10. Omg, that is gorgeous! It looks fantastic on you Marie! You have a lovely smile and look so happy!

  11. Thanks so much,Addy !:yes::heart:
    Here are some pics with my Cornflower Shoulder:
  12. MarieG your HG BI Purse looks fabulous on you. You smile says it all...CONGRATS:woohoo:
  13. Marie you have my favourite blues!! :heart: lucky girl! ;)
  14. :nuts: It's GORGEOUS!! Such a lovely colour and looks great on you! Congrats!:tup:
  15. Congrats Marie!! You look great modelling your BI Purse!!