OMG my BF spilled champagne on 70% of my bv!!!!!!


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  1. And look it didn't stain!!!!!!!!! I was going to wring her neck....but she's lucky BV makes a quality bag! Speaking of which... anyone use any special cleaners on the handles? My handles are starting to get a bit "used".
  2. Love your campana! Also, gotta love the nappa umbria leather that is so resilient!
  3. I don`t use any protectants and a similar thing happened to me when my BV was still brand new! But BV´s leather is a miracle, no stains at all were to be seen afterwards!
  4. :wtf:

    I think I would scream blood if anyone spilt champagne on my BV! Would be sorely tempted to wring even my best friend's neck, but I wouldn't kill her. I might cry while waiting for my bag to dry though :shame:
  5. I was told since it is a vegetable shouldn't put a protector on it.
  6. It happened to my make up bag too.... I spilled coke on it and there was a stain. I then dab it with a very wet wash cloth and when dried, there was not even a water mark! And I always thot BV's leather is too delicate. :tup:
  7. Gorgeous bag, and I prefer Nappa Umbria to regular Nappa myself. So glad your bag wasn't ruined!
  8. Excuse my ignorance but which bags are Nappa and which are Nappa Umbria, what is the difference in the leathers???
  9. are all the campanas nappa umbria? it seems to be more stain resistant
  10. My campana was only nappa (not umbria) and looked just like OPs bag so I'm :confused1:

    syma - I know styles such as Sloane and the Roma tote come in Nappa Umbria which - according to the care tags - is treated with a wax that gives the lambskin a more tonal/aged appearance than the same color in untreated nappa. Nappa Umbria bags also seem less delicate/prone to fray so I wouldn't be surprised if they are actually more stain resistant than regular nappa bags.
  11. My campana is nappa umbria, as are the sloane and roma tote. My baby bag is made of nappa which is oh so soft but very delicate! I believe the veneta is also made of nappa rather than nappa umbria, but I may be wrong.
  12. We should have some close up shots of the nappa and the nappa umbria just to see the difference in the leathers. I don't think any of my bags (campana and venetas) have a "tonal" appearance so I guess they must be nappa. Has anyone got a close up of nappa umbria????
  13. ^ I do syma - perhaps we should start a different thread? I'm running to work and will post later. :yes:
  14. My veneta has been through a ton and still looks awesome two years later.
  15. this bag is nappa umbria although i personally don't see the tonal quality. hope this helps.