OMG!!! My best deal EVER!!!!!

  1. So Shopbop had more markdowns browsing I noticed in the designer boutique a MARC JACOBS COLLECTION hobo in the 70% off section, yet labeled at regular price...I called them and they said the bag was NOT on sale , but had to give it to me for the 70% off since it was there fault!!!! A $900 bag for $260!!!!!!!The classic MJ hobo in black!!!! COME TO MAMA!!!!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  2. Holy crap! I am soooooooooooo jealous!!!
  3. Congrats! Shopbop is awesome for doing that!!! I'm impressed!
  4. Awesome buy!! Gorgeous bag!!
  5. That is an amzing deal! Wow, Congrats!
  6. yep... great deal.
  7. Great deal congrats!
  8. :wtf::wtf:
  9. wow great deal congrats!!!
  10. Wow... great deal. Sucks i didnt get it... But congrats anyway
  11. I might feel bad that some poor employee who made a mistake might lose their job.
  12. Wow LUCKY YOU!!! That is an awesome deal!
  13. heart can't take this today....I am freaking out for!!! Truly a windfall!!!
  14. I had that same bag in my cart and I just called them and they cant find it! I think I found it around the same time you did but I couldn't add it to my cart! Luckily i sent an email with the item number so hopefully they will get it and respond to mine too.

    but lucky you! it's such a pretty bag!
  15. GREAT deal! I've been stalking Shopbop and refreshing constantly and I didn't even notice that bag marked down! Congrats!!