OMG!! My Batignolles Horizontal just arrived...

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  1. :yahoo: I am dancing around my house, this is my third purchase from eBay and went just right, the seller is LVlady99, the bag is in great condition and super authentic, thanks to this board I found this seller,
    the leather is already in honey color..thanks God I don't to have baby the leather of this bag, someone else already did :yes: no odor at all and already put all my junk in
    I really don't care where the bag is made, but this one was made in France. Thanks all of you for posting your great pictures, now I have my own.
  2. congrats! the BH looks great on u!
  3. Beautiful!!!!!!
  4. ...i should have so gotten the horizontal, i got the regular instead. :sigh:
  5. Congratulations!! I love this bag.
  6. That looks great! Congratulations!
  7. Very Nice! Congrats on your eBay purchase. :yes:
  8. are so kind :yes:
  9. Thank you, so far no problems purchasing from eBay.
  10. Beautiful bag, Congrats!
  11. Thanks.
  12. The regular is beautiful as well, but for me was too small for everyday bag.
  13. Congrats! Welcome to the BH club!
  14. Congrats!!!
  15. Nice
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