OMG My Alexa is on Alan Titchmarsh show!

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  1. :nuts:
  2. They are saying its an obscene amount of money lol :biggrin:
  3. Oh dear! What does Alan know!

    Embarrasingly enough.. I have actually met and been kissed by Mr.Titchmarsh, lovely guy but... clearly has no taste in handbags.
  4. ^ and that was the regular one ;)

    It did look beautiful lol, although not sure it was Alans colour ;) heeheee
  5. Gosh, Mulberry PR are getting this bag on everything arent they !
  6. Well he was wearing a soft pink shirt when I met him, I would have thought it would have been the perfect choice for him to be honest...
  7. I met him too and he was wearing a soft pink shirt then aswell.
  8. ^ too funny, I met him as well at the Jayne Austin museum in Bath - he was wearing a long leather jacket
  9. a long PINK leather jacket?
  10. Ha ha - what does he know? The only Mulberry he should be able to pass comment on is the actual bush!
  11. :biggrin: ^ My thoughts exactly!
  12. oh really!! and i missed it :sad:

    he obviously dosent know about the my wardrobe great discount! lol!
  13. Oh how funny, can just imagine Alan T talking about Mulberry handbags!