OMG! My 04 Turquoise First couldn't be anymore perfect!!!

  1. Sorry I didn't mean to tease you guys by not having pictures yet, but I promise to get them up tomorrow!
    I was surprised by the bags arrival today, because I really didn't think it was going to make it until Monday. I have been waiting for the coastal fog to clear for the last two days, so I could take some photos of some braids, but the fog is not going anywhere! Grrrr! I took a couple of photos to show color comparisons and the unusual way the mirror was tied onto the bag, and hopefully will be able to take photos of the bag and group shots tomorrow. Most of us have seen the old way the tassels were tied to the zipper pulls, so that was not a surprise to me, but I have never seen a mirror attached this way. I always take my mirrors off, put them away and use the tassel as an extra, but I am wondering if any of you have seen one hung this way? The mirror was inside the bag with the tassel coming out through the little opening between the zipper and the side of the bag, then looped through the leather that the ring is attached to, instead of looped through the hardware. If I did use my mirrors I would deffinitely hang them this way.
    Okay about the bag....the color is absolutely perfect!!! A very pretty pastel turquoise, much lighter and bluer than seafoam, and a tad darker and bluer than vert d'eau. The bags condition is mint, and the color matches the mirror, shoulder strap, and extra tassels exactly with no sign of fading or yellowing. The condition of the extra tassels blew me away too, and Bal really needs to start making tassels like they used. I have seen extra tassels (especially from 06) come out of their packages spongey and fragile, with bumps on the corners where they were bent. These tassels have obviously been in this packagae for at least 3 years and they came out perfect with only minor bending which I should be able to fix no problem. Okay keep our fingers crossed that the coastal weather will cooperate tomorrow for more photos.

    Here is the tassel attached to the mirror and tied to the leather loop.
    :heart:The tassels from left to right are 04 Seafoam, 04 Lt Turquoise, and 07 Vert D'eau:heart:
    IMG_0044.jpg IMG_0045.jpg IMG_0057.jpg IMG_0061.jpg
  2. Yaaaay for your perfect Turquoise:heart::yahoo:
    Can't wait to see the pics of your *new* baby:heart:

    Thanks for the tip on how the mirror was tied to the bag...I might actually start tying my mirrors that way:p
  3. It so pretty!! cant wait to see the pic!!
  4. Your new bag looks just beautiful, Deana!!:love:I'm really happy for you, sweety!:tender:Congrats!:yahoo:
  5. :yes:
    I think that is a great way too. Then the tassel will never get caught in the zipper. It's crazy that there are still new things to learn even after owning Bbags for a couple of years! I would have never known about tucking in the zipper (ears) flaps on my City's if a seller hadn't sent me a bag that way. I love how the bags look that way, and I have tucked them in on every bag.
  6. Hooray for you Deana! Love all your pastel colors!!
  7. Color is so pretty!
  8. Awww you are evil Deana ;) PICS PICS PICS!!!! :wlae:
  9. It looks TDF gorgeous!!! :heart:MORE PICS!! The perfect addition to your fabulous collection.
  10. You got a steal woman! Good for you. Gotta love it!
    Look forward to your beautiful pics!
  11. My 04 black first had the mirror tied that way. Congrats on turq. can't wait to see more pics!!
  12. I can't wait for your pics, too!!! Yeah for the new addition!!!
  13. :wtf: only one word for you.......OH MY GODDDDDDD.....

    your tur. is TDF.
  14. Congrats!! :yahoo:
  15. congratulations!! can't wait to see more pictures. :smile: