OMG.. Multicolor Lovers, you have to see this :(

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  1. I found this replica (see attached pic) multicolor wallet. The colors combo of the logo is exactly as authentic ones!!! can you believe that? :cry:

    I think they're getting better copying the real mccoy :sad: soon enough, i'm sure the handbags will starting to come out. Be careful, ladies... :cry:

    I'm still in disbelief. Make me even more skeptical about ebay. From now on, I think I'll just purchase directly from the boutique :sick:
  2. I for one dont think linking and therefore making press for this scam site helps at all.-....I think your intention is good, but please note that MANY MANY people come to this site-also people who buy fakes............jmo
    I just think giving fakes too much press works against us and gives them free promotion.......
    I just try to ignore sites like

  3. I've edited them.. sorry.. I'm in shock of how good the replicas is.. :cry:
  4. thanks, good you removec the link!

  5. Hey Mattd!
    Elux sometimes posts prototypes on its site so it isn't necessarily what the real thing looks like. Take the Manhattan GM for example. The real one looks nothing like the one on elux.
    [​IMG] Look at the pattern on this then go to the site and look at that one. :flowers:
  6. It looks fine to me ... maybe that is one of the new dustbags?
  7. That is a real dustbag and box, I don't think that wallet is a fake. Any pics of the inside?
  8. sorry everyone............that is definitly a fake because a seller on a site was selling them as real ones...........and that seller had feedback where people said they received the exact same wallet as the pic!
  9. if you look closely at the mc wallet you will see along the bottom line things are un even. the quarter fold( i think its called) isnt the small all the way along. It isnt the same along the ends either.
  10. the colors look the same on the first glance, abut when u look at them closely there's slight difference. but then again, it's hard to say until you hold the thing...
    god, i thought mc is the safest line to buy on sites by far.
  11. I found the pic on the selling website and it was advertised as fake. The 'new' fake. They even had the multicolor aurellia with the newer color combo that exactly looks like the authentic LVs. Just beware when you're buying anything on Ebay. It's EXACTLY like the authentic ones :sad: I attach another pics of the bags that the same seller sold. Can someone please tell me the difference of these with the authentic ones? this is a nightmare!!! :sad:
  12. Hi!
    We now have a sticky specifically to post fakes in at the top of the Forum.
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