OMG! Mr. Clean Magic Eraser..You complete me!

  1. I just have to say I am in shock right now.. sad but true. All it takes is a cleaning product:huh: Anyway, I had read about some of the girls using the Magic Eraser to clean their bags so I picked some up the other day thinking I would use it on my bags. I'm cleaning my house today for company & start wiping down some spots on my walls. Mind you, I have flat paint & small children:shocked: It shows every smudge, scrape & molecule of dirt.. Anyway, I continually wipe down the same marks thinking I will SOMEDAY get them off. I decided the try the Magic Eraser & I couldn't believe my eyes! It cleaned the crayon, pencil, dark smudge, water stains, everything! Some of these marks are over a year old & I have even tried BLEACH to get these off! This thing has kept me from re-painting most my house, literally! Anyway, wanted to share... Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Mr. Clean although he is my new best friend :heart:
  2. I LOVE the Magic eraser!!!!
  3. Yay ! I'm so glad that you've discovered how great Mr. Clean is.

    And on a sidenote, when I was in Germany, I almost died laughing at a "Meister Proper" box in the laundry.

  4. acegirl, thank you so much for that piece of helpful information. i have awhile to go before my kids start at it with the crayons and walls but it's nice to know waaaay beforehand how to take care of it instead of having to chop off their hands :lol: thanks again!
  5. You're welcome! I'm buying stock in this stuff!:graucho: We are getting ready to build a new house with all WHITE walls...EEK! Now I have no fear but I just might wrestle anyone to the ground for the last box if need be!:biguns:
  6. :lol: thanks for the reminder! i'm hitting costco tonight! hopefully they come in bulk!!!! ;)
  7. Does anyone know where I can find this in the UK?
  8. You should do a commercial for the product...I'm off to buy my own...for my walls and my bags.
  9. I used it on my walls when I moved out of my cleaned up everything!!!!!!
  10. This is better than a commercial! I will go out and buy some next shopping day. So, it can be used on bags too???

    Anyway, I wanted to let you all know that Benjamin Moore Paint made a (fairly new) paint that has a flat look, but is wipeable- the best of both worlds! Until then, I recommended the low sheen eggshell for people with kids for the very reason acegirl is talking about. In my business this is a common question/concern with homeowners. Just an FYI...
  11. I know exactly what you mean! I :heart: the Magic eraser !! I use it to freshen up my kitchen ... and (( with a diffrent one , of course ! ))) To freshen up my bags ... most noted my precious Gucci Cruise with the white leather handle ....No mater how careful you are it gets dingy and Mr. Clean fixes her right up ! What a great invention!!
  12. Thanks for letting me know about the paint! I told my builder, it MUST be a cleanible white :biggrin: I'll ask him about it;)
  13. I'm so happy you have mentioned this because I having been looking for something to clean a few marks on my purses!!
  14. I bought it also after reading the thread. I LOVE IT..... I can't believe how well it works...
  15. If you can't find it, PM me, I can pick up a pack for you and mail it.