OMG more cute gucci for F/W 06 yummmy!!!!

  1. Saw more pics of F/W 06 gucci.. sooooo cute!!

  2. yeah I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Pelham!!! :love: too bad it's completely out of my "comfortable pricing" zone.. :crybaby: It looks so snuggly I just wanna hug it!:tender:
  3. That bag is very huggable! Is this bag available yet? I have tried to get a few items from the new collection, but everything has an ESD of late November or early December. I feel like the girl in the Willy Wonka movie ... I want it now! Thanks for sharing the pics.
  4. You can already buy it online so I'm sure they're in the stores right now too.
  5. Yes it's in the store saw it today!
  6. They are just gorgeous....I love them They are just perfect for Fall/Winter.
  7. Is that the weasel fur bag? I got to snug with it at the Nordstrom Gucci salon - it's amazingly soft and absolutly beautiful.