omg.. mizi on let-trade!

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  1. what do you think about the condition? is it a good deal? i need this purse! haha.
  2. this bag is hard to come by... i definitely think it's worth it! get it if you can!

    i just checked let-trade's site... and wow, they've added lots of great stuff... so tempted!!!!!!
  3. It's not in the greatest condition.
  4. [​IMG]

  5. i thinks a good deal there is only a few unoticable flaws
  6. yeah. i instantly noticed that, and i know it would bother me. i wasn't too sure how soon it would all blend together. maybe i should continue waiting. argh!
  7. Looks nice. See my post on the one I just got from ebay.
  8. 2 week's ago we got the brand new mizi,but it was sold. That one is too beautiful. :smile:
  9. i know! i saw it. i blinked and it was gone. i never had a chance. :crybaby:
    it was definitely beautiful!
  10. i have a question about let trade. the shipping is included in the price they have listed? but if you want 3 days it's an extr 6 dollars? and why don't they have the date code size etc in the auctions? am i missing something? only pics and no descriptions of the wear etc? i'm lost. thanks!
  11. i saw your post. :smile: i had my eye on that mizi as well, but i was unable to get it at that time. but, big congrats to you!
  12. sorry since we lack manpowder to do it, but all of our ebay auction did mention condition , date code and size etc. For our website purchasing the price already included 3-4 days express post. If you want to know more about condition of bag, you can email them, I mean let-trade. I am off work now. Hope this help. :smile:
  13. oh ok, thank you. i did email about 2 bags. thanks!
  14. :sweatdrop: It is still beautiful and in the same condition as it came in. :yes: Thank you Let-Trade, and of course my boyfriend for the early Christmas present. :heart:
  15. :Push: