OMG, Miss Damier Speedy was in a crash!

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  1. Hi everyone! My damier speedy, framboise agenda and noisette cles were all passengers in a car crash!
    I was driving back from the cinema with my bf when at a red light a car just ploughed into the back of my car!:sad:
    The girls were sitting on the back seat and got thrown into the back foot wells!:wtf:
    They were ok though just a bit shocked! Not like their Mother who was hysterical!
    So yeah my car is wrecked and my back is killing me!:sad:
    Think I need some retail LV therapy from my bed! lol xx
    An azur pochette would do the trick!
  2. i hope you and miss damier are ok
  3. I hope you feel better. Please go see a doctor as soon as possible. My car got rammed by a shuttle bus once and it took a few days before I felt anything. I got checked out by the doctor about 3 days after the accident and it turned out that I had a problem with my shoulder and had to go to therapy. I hope the other person had car insurance.
  4. Awww, im glad youre okay...and your bags too!
  5. oh my! i hope you and the girls are ok! Please get yourself checked out by a doctor :smile::smile:

    Fingers crossed that the other person had insurance, theres nothing worse than being hit by an un-insured driver!!!!

    *hugs for you*

  6. thanks girls! yeh im going to go to the Docs tom and get it checked out! =( xx

    yes i am fully comprehensive and she is 3rd party so my car will have to go into the shop and get repaired! x
  7. o god, how terrible. I hope you feel better soon
  8. omg sorry to hear that make sure to tell your insurance company about your injuries!!
  9. so sorry to hear that!

    glad you and your baby's are ok
  10. I am so sorry, I am glad you guys are ok.
  11. lol, yeh I have told the insurance about my neck and back so I will see what happens! Im excited though, because I get a courtesy car! lol im sad xx
  12. :cursing: I hate drivers that just dont pay attention!

    I hope you're ok.

  13. My brother lost his life in a head on collision so whenever anyone else is in an accident & comes thru I think that a car & whatever is replaceable & nothing else matters as long as the people in the accident survive.
    Take care of yourself.
  14. I hope everyone is ok! What a traumatic thing to go through...........I definitely see an azur pochette for you!
  15. Oh no! I hope your back recovers well and fast (the azur pochette just might help it do that). I'm glad to hear that your bf and "the girls" were okay.