OMG Metallic Magenta First BIN $899

  1. OMG this is a beautiful bag. Buy it if you can!!!:yes:
  2. Great price but so not my cup of tea... I could see myself getting sick of a metallic pink bag SOOOO fast. I find that in met. pink, it just doesn't look high quality (like Pewter, which is really pretty).

    This is just my opinion of metallic pink, but maybe it will help to save you money fendihunter!! ha ha
  3. I love the color, but I do know that it would definitely be a one-trick pony. I have no social life, so I can't see myself going to Chili's or Target with a metallic pink Bbag. Still doesn't mean I wouldn't love to just have it and hopefully use it on the off chance I actually get out of my house one of these days.
  4. That's gorgeous! But if you're on a ban and have to buy a purse, buy one that you can use all the time and not just once or twice.
  5. A pewter would be sooooo nice! I love pink but it is very bold. :yes: