OMG McQueen Novak for NR!!!!

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  1. I saw that bag, but is it too good to be true? I'm really concerned it's a counterfeit at that price ...
  2. Hi

    I had emailed the seller earlier as to the authenticity of the item, the seller told me that she usually does not do NR auctions and it was something to give to eBayers. Seller assured me it was 100% authentic and since I have one, everything looks in place.
    I personally think the people who counterfeits will make the easier leather Novaks not this fur version and they probably would not be cost effective to use the exotic fur this bag has.

    BTW how come there is no Mcqueen bag threads?
  3. What I don't understand is why you posted this in three different places on your first day as a member...

    but it sounds like a great deal.
  4. ^^^interesting. I was just wondering why this was posted here.
  5. Megs edited another thread -- she said that the OP is the person who is listing this item.