OMG McQueen Novak for a Steal!

  1. I really don't know where this thread should go b/c there is no Alexander McQueen forum

    So gals who is yearning for a McQueen Novak bag I found this one on eBay at NR(no reserve).
    I have a Novak and everything seems to check out as it being a real!
    I have to have it! Maybe it will be a lot less then the amount I purchase my Novak for! It will be perfect with my fall/winter wardrobe!
    I am soooooooooooo excited!
  2. Good for you.:smile:
  3. Worried about this bag's authenticity because the price is so low ...
  4. I sometimes start my bids really low because i KNOW they will bid up. Why pay the high starting fee if you know it will get bids?

    Of course, this bit me in the butt this past weekend. I DIDN'T put a reserve because I just "knew" the bags would get the bids and two of them got about where I would have put the reserve, but one $400 bag which I paid $170 a WEEK AGO went for only $46!!! ouch!!!
  5. I believe a similar thread was closed last night by Megs because this is the OP's listing.
  6. You can always start the reserve low and then advertise to a board full of handbag aficiandos to increase the price.
  7. This is a bit dodgy