OMG! Magic eraser works on vernis scuffs! Before and after pics

  1. Mods: I know we have a FAQ for cleaning, but we don't have a vernis suggestions. Plus this my new bag, so hoping you'll leave this for a bit!

    So I got my vernis SO bucket (used) bag in :yahoo:! I am in love :heart: ! Even more so after an amazing clean up!

    I knew from the auction photos the bag had some issues, but it was such a savings I decided to take a chance. When the bag came, I started cleaning it up with baby wipes, it was coming out so great except the one ugly black scuff. I decided, what the heck and tried the magic eraser. OMG! Amazing!

    I am bummed I didn't take before pics, because the auction pics don't show quite how bad the scuff was...really noticable and quite dark.

    Pictures to follow

    ***An, aside, since this new find, illustrates something I have wondered about the good and bad about FAQs....they're great, but the problem is if threads get shut down to quickly because "it's all been covered" do we really know it's "all been covered" what if a new member has something we never knew, or someone discovers something new.... it might not come, if threads get closed too quickly...just some thing to think about.
  2. Before #1:



    Before #2


    After #2


    Before #3



  3. CONGRATS, CONGRATS on a new bag! Can't wait for pics!
  4. Final modelling pic, with new LVoe scarf, that has been patiently awaiting her arrival.

  5. Oh, I can't wait to see this! Make sure to share which kind of eraser worked AND did it scratch the vernis. What a wonderful public service :smile:
  6. ^^^Haha, you're just too fast, tink! I can't type fast enough! But that's an AMAZING difference!
  7. Great! I gotta wonder why resellers don't take the time to clean bags up. They'd get a better price.
  8. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, no scratches at all. Forgot to say, I used the magic eraser on the vachetta too...I am still amazed!
  9. magic eraser is a must have. great job and congrats.
  10. wow that is an amazing transformation!
  11. Wow, it looks great!!!
  12. Beautiful Bucket now!
  13. is an amazing transformation tink!
  14. Okay~ My true thought "Holy S*it" that is awesome. Thanks for having the kahunas to try it out Tink! :nuts:
  15. WOW .... that is amazing! :nuts:

    Mr. Clean Magic Eraser <---- so gotta get that. :happydance: