OMG! Magenta work..............

  1. get it! ;)
  2. i can't at the moment because i'm in the middle of selling other bags for the cash to get new ones........ worst timing....

    ....... she's a PFer too... shall ask her.....(through email only of course.. )
  3. Oh yes waterfalls ..... ask her .... get it .... GOOD LUCK :yes: :heart: - crossing fingers ;)
  4. OMG, waterfalls, you've gotta get that bag girl, it's insane!!!
  5. OMFG! waterfalls, you NEED to get this bag! it's gorgeous!:love: ;)
  6. Dag-nabb-it ... I wish I could see it (I can't get into eBay from work)!!!
  7. CeeJay ... don't be sad, sometimes it's better to cannot see bbags on ebay ;) :yes: :graucho: , you know :love:

  8. LOL! how true!!!!:biggrin:
  9. Waterfalls: It's destiny this one should be yours!! :yes:
  10. Ha ... true (given that I just purchased the Cognac Weekender from Joan Shepp ... 30% off ... WOO HOO!!).

    However, I'm already thinking ahead ... trying to decide which bags (notice the plural) that I'm going to get out of the Fall 2006 batch. I'm really torn because I like so many of the new styles (Part-Time, Afternoon, Large Padded, XL Courier) as well as the new colors (Rouge Vif, Grenat, Truffe/Tobacco) ...
  11. geez, this bag is KILLING ME!!! MUST GET THAT BAG!!!
  12. its gone!
  13. Who bought it?
  14. Ohh .... who is the lucky new owner - hopefully it's a PF-member :graucho::rolleyes: ! CONGRATS whoever :flowers: