Omg Lv Winter 2006/07!

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  1. Okay! I know I am a just a tad bit excited but am I the only one who saw the new collection of bags? I am going to be SOOOOO broke. I have but one word GORGEOUS!:love: HERE'S A LITTLE SAMPLE, could this be a vernis alma and speedy? PLEASE SOS, OH MY GOD, no not again, OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I THINK I NEED A CUGARETTE AND I DON'T EVEN SMOKE.:smile:
  2. I meant cigarette.
  3. where's the sample?
  4. Sorry, I posted another thread futher down. It's the lv winter cllection. You will see all the pictures.
  5. No, you're not the only one haha. I think someone has posted pictures of the collection in another thread.
  6. Yes, that was mine shu.:amuse:
  7. metallickeepall.jpg
  8. I would love to pop in the store back home and see how the store in general compares to here in the US. I didn't know LV is popular in the Philippines! Then again, I wasn't into handbags when I grew up there.
  9. Yeah! I've saw it in a local (Hong Kong) magazine too! :nuts:
  10. How did they get this bag? I am so in love with the new winter collection.
  11. above pic taken from a recent opend LV boutique in Hong Kong....maybe they have more info about the new winter collection
  12. No info in HONG KONG LV shop :suspiciou
  13. Isn't that DISGUSTING:evil: OMG LV WHAT DO YOU KNOW?:nuts:
  14. hahahaha:lol: We only can leave our info for their waiting list.
  15. In the states, by my SA I couldn't even leave my info, I have to wait another month or so.