OMG...LV repair gone awry!!

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  1. Hi ladies!! just need to vent!! I had a monogram insolite wallet in red, one snap was broke so I took it to my LV boutique for repair, just got a call yesterday(4 weeks later) that my wallet never made it to the repair site, it must've gotten stole off the fedex truck, they tried to retrieve it, but they couldn't and now the wallet is no longer made in red, I am so mad!! the wallet was only a year old, I just called the company to complain and am waiting for them to call me back. My SA said they will replace the wallet or anything in the store for the exact purchase price, but I think they should compensate me for my troubles, the only wallet I would want to replace the old one is the monogram zippy wallet which is $80 more and I think they should cover the difference, I'm certainly not asking for an expensive $900 wallet, am I being unreasonable? I've spent alot of money at LV in the past 2 years, which is when I fell in love with LV, and I have been buying things from there ever since, I don't think I'm asking too much. We'll see what happens, otherwise I'll just have to add more money for a new wallet! thanks for listening!!
  2. Sorry to hear this. :sad:
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    I am sorry about what happen to your wallet.
  4. Sorry to hear that. I hope they replace it with the mono zippy. Their price increase, so must cover that $80 extra. Good luck
  5. I'm so sorry. I would be upset if LV lost my wallet during transit to repair. LV should compensate for a new wallet plus all the stress.
  6. LV should definitely get you anything within a reasonable price difference! I would NOT settle for less than what you want! Best of luck to you and what an awful story! I would be absolutely devastated...
  7. well, just heard from the LV company and they said if I wanted a wallet that cost more than my original I have to pay the difference and they will give me a store credit, I have to say I am disappointed I thought they would be accomodating but I was wrong! it makes me feel a little different towards LV now, they lost my wallet, it was their fault and they don't even care! oh well, off to the boutique this weekend to pick out a new wallet! :smile: thanks everyone!!
  8. Was it stolen off the Fedex truck?

  9. ITA, and im so sorry BTW
  10. Can you talk to someone higher up? On the bright side you get a nice new wallet.
  11. So sorry to hear about your situation. If they lost the item and are unable to replace it (i.e. it's not made anymore) I think they should definitely be more compassionate and accommodating. But I think legally all they'd be required to do is refund the cost or replace with an item to the value of the original. After all they're just another big faceless company - it's sad, but really not too surprising that they're not taking more responsibility.
  12. I really hope I don't get bashed for this but I feel LV is being fair by offering you a credit for the original cost of the wallet that is a year old. Yes I know it isn't replaceable to you and it's sad that they don't have the same one anymore, but you used it for a year and get the full retail price back and I personally would be happy with that compensation.
  13. I agree *runs*
  14. I agree with you. It's definitely unfortunate that they don't have the same wallet anymore but I do think they're being accommodating by offering you a store credit for full retail. The bright side is that you get a brand new wallet (or anything else you want, and maybe you'll find one that you love just as much, if not more)! :biggrin:
  15. Holy Smoly. I think something sounds a bit off, I'm pretty sure the Louis Vuitton store would have some sort of tracking when they're sending items around and can't they do a claim with the fedex company? I'm sure a company as big as Fedex wouldn't want to ruin their reputation! Louis Vuitton should definitely compensate you for something that THEY lost and $80 is nothing to them and I think it's funny how they wouldn't even cover that for a returning customer. I'm sorry to hear about this and hope you find a lovely new wallet to replace your old one!