OMG....LV got robber THIS MORNING

  1. I just read the artical .... and that is terrible! :wtf:

    I hope they catch them and get every LV item back! :hysteric:
  2. Oh no!!! :wtf:

    That's horrible!
  3. OMG! That is so sad!! I hope they catch those crooks!!
  4. so very sad :crybaby: i hope karma catches up with them.
  5. Omg that is horrble.
  6. I couldn't believe what had happened. Terrible!
  7. I remember reading the last time that happened that store doesn't have much luck
  8. omgoodness that sucks. looks like that subaru has been doing the same dirty deeds for a while now. or subs in general.. god it must suck to own one there and be suspected by the police/etc so much! and to think they've gotten robbed before too! dont people have anything better to do with their lives these days??
  9. OMG that's horrible!!!
  10. OMG. These thieves have no qualms about bashing open the store just to steal a few LVs.
  11. LV is Australlia has been robeed more than once. The chanel has been robbed too. :sad:
  12. Thanks for sharing.
  13. ramming a car in to an LV!? Now that is desperation...
  14. OMG! Thats horrible, I hope those guys get caught!

    Ironically, on Saturday 2 or 3 guys went into the Neiman Marcus at Garden State Plaza. They went to one of the watch cases and smashed it open with a sledgehammer and ran off with 12 watches worth over $300,000.