OMG, LV evening bag!!!!

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  1. Is this LE? Which year? Sooo..... cutie, right? :heart: :heart:




    I get this pic from inhercloset, and I assume it's not fake, right?

    So cute... :love:
  2. another pic from yahoo auction....

    am drooling!!!

  3. I've never seen this bag.
  4. It's actually called the "Ange Satin", Gm size. The last pic, with the measurements is from "Le Catalogue".

    I have a pair of Satin sandals, and I think they stopped doing the Satin in about 2003/2004??? so it will be before that.

    I'm sure someone will be along with the exact info for you shortly!!

    Lovely bag!

  5. yes, it was from the monogram satin collection. unfortunately, it has been discontinued.
  6. Ouah, thanks, you are all so knowledgeable! :tup:

    Any idea why it's been discontinued? I think it's pretty... :heart:

    Is Monogram Satin would be difficult to maintain?
  7. Looked in my Le Catalogue from 2003 last night, and it's in there, so the bag is probably from 2002/3 or before. Ask for the date code.

    Satin would I imagine be the same as any of the fabric bags to look after. My sandals are grand, I don't have any problems with them, although I obviously don't go out when its wet!!

    Really pretty bag!

  8. IT IS SMALL VERY ELEGANT. I love this bag!
  9. Anyone have the Mirage Speedy? Is it a the same size as a speedy 30?
  10. very delicate be careful putting it down. The strap is very long easy to hit a table etc.
  11. This style was made but this one is fake

    Please post similar questions in the Identify This LV thread in the FAQs section. Thanks!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.