OMG Louis Vuitton Pigs!

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  1. So I was browsing the AP Images archive and thought this was priceless . . . someone in China has been tattooing pigs as an art form, and these two are pretty intense:
  2. OMG..Just like Lil Kim..LOL..
  3. i want one!!! :love:
  4. Poor Pigs!
  5. OMG!! That's crazy! I have to send that pic to my friend...her mom loves pigs and LV!
  6. Oh no! :confused1:
  7. Ewwwww, sorry that is just gross :throwup: . I don't find it cute at all :shrugs:
  8. I whole heartily agree ^^^

    No offense to the poster or the commenters...I just feel like it's a mockery.

    It's like taking a picture with a cow before you're about to eat it. To each their own. No biggie.
  9. thats so awful.....
  10. They're poor pigs :weird:
  11. Poor little piggies. Sorry, but I think that's wrong. :sad:
  12. Frankly if I was a pig and had to choose between getting tattooed and getting eaten, I know which I'd choose. :P

    I wonder if this could ever transfer into bags . . . tattooing the monogram onto the animal before taking the leather. Would certainly be different!
  13. poor lil pigs. what did they ever do to the tattooer. poor lil things
  14. animal cruelty...someone should tattoo the tattoo artist the exact same way...someone call PETA now!
  15. Yeah.. these are old pictures. I'm not really a fan of these, mostly because no one ought to have to suffer in the name of someone else's "art".
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