OMG lost?!?!????????!

  1. so the other night i was trying to clean and tidy up and get ready for the clubs.. and i took my car key off my panda cles (it's regularly on a brooks brothers keyring) and put my panda down.. and now yep, you guessed it. i can't find it. *sigh* it's in my room SOMEWHERE.. i just don't know where.

    also, while i was looking for it last night and earlier today, it also dawned on me that i can't find/haven't seen my damier mini pochette either (the one that comes with the damier marais bucket - i bought it as an extra bag, though it's considered a replacement part). gosh.. my mind's been so scatterbrained lately with so many events happening in my life.. and i almost forgot bout it as well!

    sigh. wish me luck as i turn my room upside down searching for my beloved panda and damier!:crybaby:
  2. Oh, Good luck! Don't worry you will find it! I know I hated when I misplace anything, especially in my room! When that happens, I just wait for my mom, and ask her and she always knows where my things are.
  3. Awwww. I get like that too but with my cellphone. I hope you find them soon!
  4. Don't worry, it'll turn up soon. Good luck!
  5. lol i do that too! i just call my cellphone from the house line. it turns up somewhere under a pile of clothes..
  6. Oh..goodluck sweetie. I get that way too, when I'm being overwhelmed!...I get alot "senior" moments. It'll turn up.
  7. Good luck. I know you will find it.
  8. Good luck! you will definitely find it! (probably when you're not actively looking for it anymore...that's what always happens to me...)
  9. Stop looking.... the gremlins will give it back if you do.
  10. Good luck....I'm sure it will turn up unexpectedly. Speaking of loosing things, I think I've misplaced my cell phone.
  11. Oh, no! I hope he shows up soon.
  12. Good'll find it for sure!
  13. i've cleaned through the entire room so far, and nothing!! OMG... i'm getting worried..

    there's a possibility the panda may be in my car, but the damier pochette HAS to be in my room somewhere.
  14. Let us know if you found it! I know how it is to misplace something in your home....At least you know it's somewhere in your house!
  15. I hope you find your babies..let us know ok..