OMG look what I just bought!!!

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  1. It looks like Grenat to me, anyhow....CONGRAT! :yahoo:

    She's gorgeous! :tender:
  2. Congratulations.
  3. Congrats~ the leather looks TDF!!!
  4. It *does* look more like Rouge Theatre than Burgundy to me, too, but photos can be deceiving.
  5. Gorgeous find! Congrats!

    And judging by the photo, I'd say more RT than Burgundy. I guess you'll know when it arrives! Post pix!
  6. That totally looks like RT!!! Congrats! It looks like it's in top condition and a FANTASTIC price!:yahoo:
  7. Yah, i saw that too so u have got this bbag...congrats for ur new purchase...fabulous color!!
  8. I just emailed Ann, so hopefully she'll be able to tell me what color it is. If not then I guess I'll find out when it arrives :smile:
  9. It is so gorgeous! Congratulations!!! And I love Ann- she is the best!
  10. Gorgeous bag... well done you!!
  11. very nice! congrats :biggrin:
  12. Yeah, that definitely looks like RT! Congrats, gorgeous bag!
  13. :yahoo:C O N G R A T S - Can't wait to see your own pics when she arrives..
  14. So you're the lucky lady! :nuts: Congrats, it's a beauty!