OMG LOOK what I got two days EARLY!

  1. I am excited I got my Mandarin Epi Jasmin and a wallet AND......

    I also got the new mini lin speedy 2 days early! I got the hook-up! WHOO HOOO If you want to see more pics let me know! HUGS!


  2. Wow how did you get it early!!!???
  3. WOW!!! Love them both...the speedy is awesome! (may I ask retail??) Way cute! ENJOY!
  4. That Mandarin Epi Jasmin will look lovely this fall and winter!! If you wear it with a gray or white coat, so pretty!!!
  5. I don't want to get anyone in trouble. They were just nice to me!:smile:
  6. OMG the mini lin is gorgeous! How did you get it early???? and how much was retail?
  7. $675. Not bad!
  8. OMG Congrats and enjoy!:yahoo:
  9. any other colors?
  10. Yeah I think so. I put another thread about it or purchasing the red one and I went with the mandarin. I really think it will actually go with more than I think.
  11. Ooh their soooo lovely!
    congrats on some excellent pieces :smile: Love them!
  12. On the speedy? Not yet. They come out Friday actually. But I am certain there will be. This one is awesome tho. It's a nice chocolatey brown. MMMMM chocolate.

    My store only received 4 of them (or that's what I was told-she knows I am a sucker for anything I can't get) so they should sell quickly.
  13. OMG! OMG! OMG! :jumping around:
    I love the Speedy! I am in love! Oh...Ooh la I'll have to get this as well :yahoo:

    Congratulations Syntagma!!!
  14. Wow! You hit the jackpot! They're gorgeous! Enjoy!
  15. Nice, nice, nice!!! Congrats and enjoy!!!