OMG...look what I found in my car last night....

  1. I know, waaayyy off topic, but look what was in my car last night!!! Last night I went grocery shopping, and when I went to check to make sure I removed everything from the back...THIS was making a web in my back seat...:wtf:


    I screamed bloody murder, slammed the door shut, and now my car is in the garage with THAT thing in there.....
    (photo is from internet..but it definately was a banana spider....friggin' HUUUUUGE!) OMG, I am STILL shaking. Right now I am looking for a mobile detailer to come out to my house to clean it out. I am now traumatized for life. I can only imagine what would have happened if this thing fell into my lap while I was driving. Just curious, has this ever happened to anyone else??????
  2. OMG! Haven't happened to me. Take deep breaths...
  3. wow.. scarY!!!!!!!
  4. Holy CRAP!!! No, this has not happened to me, but I live in the midwest, and please god, let us not have any creatures like that where I live... Um, maybe you should call animal control!!! I'm so sympathetic, Janette, I hate even the small bugs!!!
  5. EEWWW!!! I would have fainted right after I ran out of the garage!!
  6. I moved to Florida 2.5 yrs ago, and I absolutley HATE it just for this reason! Sooooo many different species of 'critters' EVERYWHERE. Yuk! I keep begging my hubby to move back to Las Vegas. Not a lot of bugs there. I am a severe arachnophobe, and this just may have been the icing on the cake to leave Florida...and I will leave hubby behind!:yes: (He understands) Not only that, I have to dodge tree toads to get in the front door...oh, and the geckos. Found one of those in my laundry basket! Just never ends...
  7. oh my gosh - i've seen some big spiders but that is HUGE!! how scary!! One time I was reaching down beside my desk to pick up something that fell and when I looked down at my shirt sleeve there was a spider (half that size or a little smaller) on it. I freaked - I hate spiders. Bless your heart!!!
  8. Janette - do you have the huge iguanas in your yard? My in-laws live in the Keys and they are overrun with them!! They are actually considered pests there. My father-in-law can't even grow vegetables anymore because of them!

    That spider gives me the heebie jeebies...glad you found it before it found you!!! :wtf:
  9. i would have killed that thing so fast!
    i'm the official spider squisher in my house, so those things don't bother me. well, they bother me when they are alive! i hate all spiders. sorry you have to deal with so many in your neck of the woods :sad:
    i have to say, though, that i adore geckos - they are so cute!!
  10. oh my god! i would have died!! its huge!! dont kill him though, get someone just to put him back into a tree xx
  11. OMG! I moved to SC almost 2 years ago, and we are moving back to MA and this is one of the reasons! (Ok, not for my DH, but for me!) I don't mind the frogs & geckos, but the spiders and palmetto bugs - ahhhh!! And I've just seen the little brown ones in my house, but I have been told about these banana spiders...OMG, if I saw one, I think I'd run all the way back to MA! So sorry this happened to you...I hope you can get someone to get it out!
  12. Almost, when I stuck my head in the back seat, my eyelashes got stuck in the web....:wtf::yucky:
  13. OMG! That spider is hideously scary! ...EWW! I'm so sorry you had to see that thing in your car! I would've screamed bloody murder, too. As it is, I wake up my FI to kill tiny spiders if I spot them in the middle of the night. He gets a lil upset that I wake him up, but I can't help it!! What if it falls into my mouth? I hope the detailers come soon!
  14. :throwup:
  15. EWWwwW EWWWW eWWW... my :heart: is beating fast just looking at it!!!! RAID THE CAR!!!!! :sos: