OMG look what i found Azur Sophie (is this real?)

  1. i found this on an online clothes shop, the pics show a look alike of Azur Sophie. I said look alike cos i cannot gurantee its authencity.

    I'm sure the sophie is only made in mono and damier ebene and not azur. if LV makes it in this hottie color i will head over to japan or even hawaii to get it.

    please ignore other pics, i cannot remove the rest.

    just to clarify this bag is not on sale and only used for modelling purpose, as far as i'm concern.

    anyway now we have an idea what sophie looks like in azur, lets cross our fingers the rumour i read from another thread the sophie will be made in MC will also comes in azur.

  2. That's really cute. Quite possibly real.

    I don't even bother lusting after the Sophie since I can't afford to go to Japan or Hawaii for a $400 handbag. It's pretty irksome that no one else can buy them. I don't get it. Which styles are only available in the continental US but nowhere else? None.
  3. WOW...I really...really...really...hope it's coming out! I would love to get one to match my ebene one.
  4. Wow i WANT ONE!
  5. :shrugs:I don't know is it???
  6. Dear God,
    PLEASE don't torture me and release the Sophie in Damier Azur.....
    if you do, make it available in the STATES !!!
  7. Interesting, this seems to be the next Sophie, then.
  8. I'm with Jane on this. It does irk me that LV only released the Sophie in certain countries. But I would love to get my hands on an Azur one.
  9. I love it in Azur. I really hope it's released in the States. It's so unfair to only release it in Hawaii & Japan.
  10. I'm loving it!! And yes, I do hope if it is released, it will be available here!
  11. I called a boutique in Hawaii and no news yet. Hopefully one of the local gals can find out for us.
  12. Wow very nice!
  13. dude...i cant see the pic :sad:
  14. oo nevermind.
  15. yeah dude. omfg. i'd SO have to have that.