OMG! Look what I bought at Nord Last Chance!!!

  1. Med. Carly!
  2. Nice find! How much was she, if you don't mind me asking. I am going to buy a large Carly tomorrow and I can't wait!
  3. congrats!! Gotta' love the Carly! :yahoo:
  4. I love your new carly! Congrats
  5. It was 89.97!!!!! I'm hoping it is real, I've already asked in the auth thread but no answers yet. I'm gonna take it to coach, Nord said it was. I'm so happy!
  6. It looks real to me. Is it the medium size? If it is you got the best deal I have seen so far!
  7. Oh yes, it looks really. Why would it not be? It came from Nordstroms?
    How did you get it that cheap?
  8. Wow thats an amazing deal
  9. Eh? you paid how much? Where? Something is a little fishy here.:s
  10. Does it appear used?
  11. Yes its a bit dirty, inside and out. But you have to look closely.
  12. Wow you got a great deal!
  13. That's a good deal you got there. Congrats
  14. :yes: