Omg Look What Elux Just Put Up !

Feb 8, 2006

$270 I WANT I WANT I WANT !!!!!!!!!!!!! and they are putting up the suede line, but they have 2 of the prices wrong, they have the pochette for $1070 (it's $855) and the Onatah PM for $885 (it's $1070) HAHA !!!
:biggrin: I thought the pochette was $855, that's what they told me in the boutique. So wouldn't the PM be $1070? Please correct me if I'm wrong on pricing, I'd love an Onatah, $855 is more doable than $1070! :biggrin:
That keychain is cute, but I'd never pay that much for something like that. That's almost as much as I paid for the Vernis agenda! The keychains I have now are all banged up and scratched, I'm always tossing my keys around and throwing them on the nearest table.