Omg Look What Elux Just Put Up !

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  1. [​IMG]

    $270 I WANT I WANT I WANT !!!!!!!!!!!!! and they are putting up the suede line, but they have 2 of the prices wrong, they have the pochette for $1070 (it's $855) and the Onatah PM for $885 (it's $1070) HAHA !!!
  2. It's cute but I don't know if I could pay almost $300 for a key chain!

    Somebody should grab that Onatah while the price is still wrong!
  3. That's been up on and off, it's really pretty and you should definitely get it ;P

    Hmm I wonder if eluxury would honor the $885 price for the Onatah PM, hahaha!
  4. ok I was just excited because of the spur of the moment and after thinking back, the Onatah PM is the correct price, $855.
  5. :biggrin: I thought the pochette was $855, that's what they told me in the boutique. So wouldn't the PM be $1070? Please correct me if I'm wrong on pricing, I'd love an Onatah, $855 is more doable than $1070! :biggrin:
  6. HMMMM, I see the GM is $1280, so I guess the PM would be $855. Sorry !!! I was wrong, the prices are right.

  7. Now that the PM is more doable, can you get it so I can drool over it?! :smile:
  8. wow that's a cute li'l piece.
    waaaaaaaaaay more than i'd pay for a keychain, tho. hehe.
  9. That keychain is cute, but I'd never pay that much for something like that. That's almost as much as I paid for the Vernis agenda! The keychains I have now are all banged up and scratched, I'm always tossing my keys around and throwing them on the nearest table.
  10. I like the man version of the valet key better.. although I probably wouldn't give it to a valet, or anyone for that matter !
  11. Nice key chain!
    I have my tiffany one that I LOVE at the moment, I can't justify buying another one now.
  12. ha I'm using a Volkswagen clip they gave me when I bought a Jetta 5 years ago. It was free :P
  13. which category are the onatah's under on eluxury?
    i can do a search and find it but i'm just wondering where it's categorized?
  14. It's in the New Arrivals Section.
  15. Don't forget to check out the Lagoon, in both monogram and vernis, also in the new arrivals section !