OMG look what else Siri Ann brough back from Paris

  1. Firstly a massive thanks to my lovely friend Siri who hunted down the bag I have wanted for sooooo long - the Marine City.

    Just received her and boy is she amazing!

    So please see pics - and also an updated family pic after my brief arrived yesterday.

    First pic is WITH flash, second WITHOUT and I say the second pic is closest to the colour. Then my family pics below that - pink metallic had her first outing tonight!

  2. OMG

    The new one is stunning, wow, its completely gorgeous

    I love seeing more metallic piccies too, gosh they are truly gorgeous, you lucky girl :heart:
  3. very pretty! congrats!
  4. The marine city is amazingly gorgeous, congrats!
  5. :heart: beautiful collection secret! I have a marine too and love love love her!
  6. OMG, gorgeous!! I love it!!!

    With the flash, the marine almost looks like a mix of indigo & blueberry!! :nuts: (Okay, okay... I know its darker... ) Lovely color!!!
  7. very pretty, congrats!!
  8. Stunning bags, congrats on the new one!
  9. WOW...such a gorgeous colour!!!!!!! :love:

    Congrats!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  10. Wooow !!!
    I love your new city !!!! And I love its story : Siri Anne is a doll !!!
    Congrats !!!!!!!!!
  11. WOW Sam!!! Your new baby is TDF:drool::drool:...definitely worth searching for!! I love your group shot too sweetie!!! VERY NICE collection!:yahoo::yahoo:

  12. Bags yes you are absolutely right - its weird the difference between the flash and none. Its gorgeous!
  13. Handbagaddict - thanks so much, yes its TDF. Only a small collection but getting there slowly.

    From Paris - Yes she is a doll, I am so lucky that she got it for me, will forever be indebted to her
  14. congrats on your new marine city!
  15. That sure is one beautiful bag!!! Congrats......I love the way it looks laying there with your other 2 bags. The colors all look so gorgeous together. Very nice collection.:yes: