OMG look at what I got for my anniversary present!!

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  1. what a lovely present! congrats!! it's beautiful!!
  2. Wow, what an amazing present! I'm envious.
  3. thank you everyone!!

    OMG.. I can't seem to put the bag back in the box!!
    I don't know much about Hermes but I heard they were so hard to come by with a long waiting you can imagine the awe when I opened the box...

    My husband knows me very well and I personally prefer the kelly over the birkin... just because the semi-casual/formal style bags go better with my normal attire. This bag is exactly it not too formal but not too casual!!!

    He said he just walked into the store and asked the store manager about the kelly bag and he brought this one and the 32cm one out.

    I love it you guys... Now I think I'm gonna venture out of LV and into Hermes...
  4. Beautiful! Congrats on your anniversary!
  5. Congrats! love the color!
  6. Awww, I love surprises, especially so when it comes in orange boxes. :nuts: Orange Kelly is a classic. *thumbs up* Happy Anniversary!!:love:
  7. Beautiful!
  8. Goodness!! Where do all our lovely purse ladies find their darling husbands who support their addiction? That's where I need to be looking ;P Our ladies do deserve it though.

    Congrats Joanna on the 1yr. anniversary and the beautiful present!
  9. What a beautiful bag! The orange colour makes me happy!! Congrats to a lovely bag and sweet husband:love:
  10. Beautiful! The Kelly is soooo growing on me!!! :lol: Kind of making me regret pasing on the fuchsia I saw today.
  11. Congrats!!! What a lovely present...:biggrin:
  12. Happy Anniversary!! Stunning present,and it looks so very good on you!!
  13. Such a beautiful bag and gift! Hubby sounds like a ver wonderful man - congrats!:love:
  14. Wow. What a great present! Was it a complete surprise, or had you been wanting one?

    What a lovely introduction to your future lives together.
  15. What a beautiful bag! Your husband is very sweet....congratulations and happy anniversary.