OMG look at what I got for my anniversary present!!

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  1. It's been a year since I got married, and this is what my hubby surprised me with!!!

    It's a 28cm orange kelly...
    soft.. and has gold metals...
    it's so soft and beautiful!!
    (paired with a yellow pocket scarf)
    Here are some pictures to share with everyone..


    Is it hard to find kelly bags? Not as bad as Birkins? Or are they just available all the time?

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  2. WOW!!!!!!! How gorgeous!!!!! Congrats! You are Sooooo lucky! :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:
  3. Aww.. your husband definitely knows how to treat a lady !! ;)
  4. WOW! Beautiful bag AND wonderful husband! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU BOTH! Your bag looks GREAT! Beautiful color and it will look so nice with the scarf! Congratulations!
  5. Happy Anniversary! :biggrin:

    I :love: the orange color.
  6. Beautiful bag, great color, happy anniversary!
  7. beautiful!! i love the color!!!
  8. Hi Joanna, CONGRATULATIONS!!! :nuts: WONDERFUL anniversary present!!! You are one LUCKY woman! What a sweet hubby!

    Your Orange Kelly is beautiful & looks lovely on you! :love: Thanks for posting pics!

    The Kelly is a timeless classic & beautiful handbag on it own, while the Birkin is nouveau & just as fabulous! About the availability, i think it depends from city to city. Kellys in beautiful & classic colors can be hard to come by! :smile:
  9. It looks great in the last pic!
  10. very classic indeed, congrats joanna
    one suggestion though, u'd better watermark ur photos somehow in case...
  11. Don't worry about kelly vs. birkin bags, just thank him!! Happy Anniversary!
  12. omg i love it you are such a lucky girl.
  13. The BEST gift comes in an orange box...a BIG one!!! :lol:
  14. OMG! Your husband is a keeper you lucky girl! I love it :love: How did he do it? Did he order it before hand? Congrats and Happy Anniversary.
  15. Happy Anniversary! What a lovely, lovely gift!