omg look at this shirt

  1. *L* Cute!
  2. good question- who would wear that??

    I actually don't really get it, but it's funny that balenciaga is used. I bet most people would be like "what's balenciaga???"
  3. That shirt's been around for a Balenciaga is becoming more and more popular these days, I know lots and lots of people who can't even identify a single Balenciaga accessory or RTW but have surely heard of the name.:yes:
  4. i have that shirt! but in white. i wear it around the house though. hehehehe.....
  5. hahhahahahhaa...
  6. tnc 727, that's totally cute!!
  7. I have to get that shirt!
  8. I like it!! It's cute!!
  9. I ordered it too, I love MTTM. I also want the "boys" tee. But, I have quite the extensive collection of graphic tees so its nothing.

    So to answer your question of "who would wear this..", Me.
  10. Me too!
  11. I got one of these for my BFF for her birthday!!! It is totally her!!
  12. Does anyone know of anywhere else that sells these and ships to the UK? I hate hate hate paying $25 postage for a shirt! :sad:
  13. I love it!!!!!!
  14. Okay, maybe I am getting old, but I have two little kids and I don't think it is cute to glamorize smoking pot. I don't think linking Balenciaga with marijuana is cool in any way. :tdown: