OMG look at this new Blue (w/ silver HW)

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  1. I found this on Bloomie's website.. but no color name attached..

    SO PRETTY!! it is a MUST - HAVE

  2. We were thinking that was the periwinkle, right?
  3. Lovely color for spring.
  4. Could that be the nautical blue?
  5. me-ow!
  6. If the color's true, that is definitely periwinkle (a very purple blue). Beautiful color.
  7. gorgeous! love, love, love the silver hw!
  8. LOVE the silver hardware!
  9. Want. Want. Want!!
  10. ohh, im pretty sure thats periwinkle :drool: she looks like a beautiful, soft, feminine spring colour!!!
  11. :faint::faint::faint::faint::faint:

    Nope....I'm not going to look..........I'm suppose to be banned...... no more new bags..... that is it......Dang but she is a beauty though!!!! Ummm maybe....ummm no nope I'm not gonna....let me get the hell out of this thread....someone please help me.
  12. ^LOL!
    bign17 ur so funny!! :P
  13. I love the silver hardware.
  14. That leather almost looks EDIBLE!! :drool:
  15. Ooooh! I love everything about this bag! The neutral, almost greyish purply-blue, silver "old-style" hardware.....Yum!!!!
    I want it in a Mini Nikki!