OMG look at this bracelet!!!

  1. Add this to my wishlist too!!!
    It's going to be a very expensive Fall season for me!!
  2. Oh that's LOVELY! O_O
  3. OH wow it is lovely.
  4. These will also be mine! (hopefully the bangle is all metal and not part enamel like the nailhead, which I ended up returning).
    bangle.jpg snap ring.jpg
  5. where did you find this beauty? :drool:
  6. I found all of these by accident. I was looking at the bangle bracelet that I had posted and on the side other pics popped up of other pieces of jewlery that you can't find right now just by going into the jewelry section.
  7. gorgeous! i want that bracelet!
  8. I like that one too.....found it the other day on the drilldown and was like :drool:
  9. Love the cuff bracelet!!!
  10. <insert Gaspy Inhaley Sound Here>

    That Bracelet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. :nuts::drool:. Now THAT I am purchasing! I didnt see it when I was on earlier:shrugs:
  12. The cuff is beautiful!! Betcha that'll be an expensive one :nuts:!!
  13. love that cuff:heart:
  14. Pretty!
  15. I really like it! I love the jewelry they have. Somethings are overpriced, but really pretty though! I am so buying the rings!