Omg - Look At These !!

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  1. I saw those yesterday and wasn't sure if they were real or not...
  2. I did not question if they were real, because I did not post them in the right thread !! I figured if someone were to buy them they would have them FULLY checked out..
  3. I know you weren't questioning authenticity...:smile: I thought they were cute too and they just happen to be my size...I guess I was hoping they weren't real so I wouldn't feel even the slightest bit tempted;)
  4. oh i knew you werent.. its ok, I did not want u to take what i said that way. i was meaning i loved them so much- that thought never crosses my mind.. lol
    my size too !!! lets help each other out to not buy them.. lol
  5. Those boots are too adorable! If they were my size and I could have afforded them today, I would snatch them up!
  6. not everything on eBay is fake! if you do your research its almost fool proof. i bought 7,8 bags , LV, Chanel...from eBay and brought them to the store to authenticate afterwards. all of them are authentic. i am proud to say i've never been burnt.
  7. Chanel store authenticated the bag for you? Interesting.
  8. Thats awesome and I agree that ebay can be a great marketplace to score some great deals!
  9. what. . . . ? Stores do not authenticate for people:nogood:

    I agree, not everything is fake, but it's not true that stores authetnicate.
  10. Those boots remind me of of Jane Fonda in Barbarella :biggrin:

    I think they are v funky, but I couldnt personally pull them off ;)
  11. One of the fake sites I monitor is selling a pair just like those.
  12. I think that this ones are fake.
  13. okay ladies, let me tell a story that happended to me:
    last year my mother in law suprised me for my bday with a big Chanel gift..mmmm. I thought what is it?, well it was a black cabas bag (no price tags but everthing else was there) but becasue I am not a big fan of this bag and could not believe that my mother in law would spend over $1.5k for me, got me wondering, is this fake or authentic???, so I took my gift to my local Chanel boutique asked for the manager and told her my story, so she said "I will give you a verbal authentication, is that okay" and I said sure!, so she came out and said to me...Congratulations you have a wonderful mother in law! so with that said yes my local Chanel boutique gave me a verbal authentication.
  14. i think they look tacky, sorry.
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