OMG! LOOK at these new LV shoes!!!

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  1. [​IMG]On ELUXURY....JILL MUST ORDER....Im such a flip flop whore..ROFL...575.00 !!! OUCH!
  2. haha yea those shoes are so hot, and hurt my checkbook so bad lol
  3. Aren't you afraid that the friction and the sweat of your feet will rub the Damier pattern off? I hope it's not tmi.
  4. Cute! I'd want them if it wasn't for that vachetta in between the toes..I know that part would hurt really bad. And the rope would probably feet are way too picky about shoes lol.

  5. ROFL..HMMMM....Then I can have LV looking feet!!!
  6. Now those are must have!!!

  7. They are so so cute. However I live in sandals and these would be worn a few times and thats it. The rope would get dirty quick, and the vachetta dark way too fast. If my things do not look new I wont wear them so this would be a big waste of money for me. I want a pair of miroir sandals!!
  8. Cute...but they look painful to me (both in a physical and metaphorical sense).
  9. heh, those are gorgeous but i hate to think how they'd look a few months down the road!
  10. very cute flip flops! but the price tag is a killer.
  11. really cute!:heart:
    go for it!!!
  12. ITA... They look painful. And I love shoes!

    I'm not going to stress over the vachetta otherwise there be no such thing as LV!!

  13. yes that would hurt..
  14. Cute!!
  15. super cute but, the white rope part would get dirty on me for sure at the beach with the sand and water...