OMG- Look at these Fakes- DISCUSSION THREAD.

  1. this is scary, scary, scary . . . there's got to be a way to stop this. :confused1:

    any ideas? fuss at hermes to come up with some registration system? if china doesn't give a hoot, i suppose we can't stop them from making these -- but can't the government close down the english websites? that, at least, would make it harder to get them.
  2. OMG. I can't believe them!!

    This part is NOT a big shocker though:
    Sadly I don't think there is anything to be done, as China has very limited if any copyright or trademark laws--and apparently no intention of abiding by ours or those of other countries.
  3. DQ, do you think that some of the pics are stolen?

    I wonder if they bear the Hermes stamp??
  4. They do have the Hermes stamp. And "The latest craftman ID(41A or other) and numbered lock and keys(121 or other)."

  5. i was so flustered i wasn't clear -- couldn't the US government shut down the english website, so at least it would be harder to acquire these?
  6. Not as far as I am aware. Pesky 1st Amendment and all that.

    I mean, hey, it's worth writing to the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI about, since this falls into their jurisdiction, technically. It's also mail fraud, if this company ships their crap into our country.
  7. Terrible!
  8. i don't think this would be protected speech - but it's been some time since i actually studied the matter.

    ETA, i also don't think constitutional rights apply to a company in china.
  9. I think it may be worth it, I did email hermes with some questions I thought they would never answer but they were really friendly and they gave me a long response... which gives me confidence to go to the store.

    Though I do think as the website is hosted on an American domain name, it should be reported to the police as well... I better find out where then :confused1::confused1:
  10. I edited...I think it's technically considered free speech even though their product itself is illegal. I'm a little gray on this one as well.
    Will have to ask the husband tomorrow.
  11. They do carry Hermes name illegally, also I note you can pay through paypal ??!!!!
  12. i don't think so, c -- freedom of speech allows you to SAY that selling fakes is OK, but it doesn't extend to the marketing of them. pretend they're selling marijuana -- no way that's kosher, though you're free to have a website that says it should be legal to smoke it.