omg lol

  1. My friend knows the girl at work here with a fake monogram speedy (has leather sample and plastic bead hanging.) He said that he asked her if it was real and she said yes and that she spent a lot of mony on it lol :s
  2. Poor thing maybe that is all she could afford and him asking her might have hurt her feelings.
  3. May be she did spend bundle for that bag..I hope she didn't get rip off. To be honest I've seen so many people carry bad fake bag but not once seeing them with hanging leather sample and plastic bead :rolleyes: bless her heart..
    For some people spending more than $50 is a lot for a bag.
  4. i dunno. He just said that she said it was really expensive and that it's real. I dont know if she knows its fake cuz she left the hangies on it. I know ehandbagz is kind of pricey. If you were gonna spend 250 dollars on a fake, then why not save a little more money and get a real one?? or get a coach or something?
  5. Im not understanding this post?
  6. I would rather carry a REAL bag from Target than a FAKE LV bag
  7. k sorry there's a girl at my work that has a fake speedy, and my guy friend asked her if it was real and she said it is
  8. so last night i went out and had my lv sitting on my lap and this guy really came up to me and said "I bet your bag is fake." Umm no i bet your mom is. I said "ewww no this bag is 100% authentc, go to, it retails at 615 dollars. I could hear him mock me and say to his friend "blah blah blah i spent 650,000 dollars on a stupid purse. I guess i got a little defensive and he walked away with a crusty look on his face lol.

    Oh now I understand..:sad:
  9. that was a different story lol. A guy asked me if mine was fake last weekend. But there really is a girl at my work with a fakey
  10. Actually, that's sad that she possibly really did spend a lot of money thinking she got a real one. Most people would not know the difference.
  11. I think her point was that you were upset when someone asked you if your bag was fake but then think it is funny when someone else is asked. :confused1: I think it is a rude question whether the bag is fake or not, and really not anyone's business but the owner's.
  12. ummm no nevermind, now its all confusing. lol
  13. Exactly- thanks.. afcgirl :flowers:
  14. no someone asked me if my bag was fake last weekend. Some girl here at work has a fake one and a friend of mine asked her if it was real and she said yes when in fact it was fake. This had nothing to do with me, I didnt go ask the girl.
  15. You were upset someone asked you if your bag was fake and the girl at work may have been equally upset to be asked this question regardless if the bag is real/fake.