OMG LOL this is crazzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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  1. Keychain. :smile:

    I saw one in black epi, it's to die for.. but with that price, you could probably buy 2 almas off of ebay !
  2. It's so teeny and adorable! But egads!! The price!
  3. LOL ... i posted this in the wrong section oooppppssss LOL

    Here is a better pic
  4. CUTEST thing ever!!! I thought about buying for a key chain...if only it was like 500!!!!!
  5. LOL!!!!!!!!!!
    That's pretty funny.
  6. :lol:

    how cute!
  7. I don't care for the color but it would be fun to use as a change purse if it weren't so over priced.

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. it's adorable and completely impractical...even as a change purse it's impractical because it's all vachetta...but i'm strangely attracted to it!
  9. Thats adorable and its all leather. Is it big enough to hold makeup essentials?
  10. It was made for thumbelina!!!
  11. OMG - that is so cute! I wonder if it is supposed to attach to the Mommy alma with that keychain looking thing in the first pic :idea:
  12. That's so cute :biggrin:
  13. The seller ending the listing....maybe saw us laughing at the price listed.
  14. He put back the same auction.. but this time in black alma!! So cute!