OMG lninos sold TWO red Elishas......

  1. What was I sleeping?????????? Such beautiful in the world did I miss these?

    I sure hope some of you lucky gals got one!! :yahoo:
  2. I seriously can't believe it! I JUST asked this seller about the bag last WEEK!!! I was told there were no more! What in the world!?! So sad :sad:
  3. :amazed::huh::shocked:

  4. Well that wasn't so nice. Perhaps, let's hope at the time the seller didn't have it and somehow found new ones?
  5. one of my friends was lucky enough to get one and it was only there about 30 minutes before she got it, she must have JUST been searching at the right time!!! :smile: I was SO happy for her cause she has wanted mine for ages! these bags are a HOT commodity right now, NO ONE can find them i am amazed lninos had 2!!!!

    i truly cant wait to hear her excitement when it arrives! :smile:

    and i believe the other winner was a TPFer but im not sure,,, she will post if she is im SURE cause who wouldnt post if they got one of these babies

    sorry to hear they didnt email and say they had them they prob get tons of emails,,, :sad:
  6. Bessie, what a fabulous find for your friend, right place at the right time (at the end of the day, that's what it's all about..), hope she enjoys it!:heart:
  7. I was just minding my own business and doing my daily stroll through eBay when to my shock and awe I found a Red Elisha up for grabs and the seller was Ininos!!! I held my breath and hit BUY NOW! I am so excited I can hardly stand it. My dear friend Bessie had told me a while ago about Ininos very positive reputation as a seller so when I saw her name I didn't worry about authenticity. I have been totally in love with the Red Elisha for months and I haven't been about to find one until today. When it arrives I will post pics. I am sorry some of you are disappointed but I had to share my joy! I hope one comes along for everyone who wants one.
  8. Well, bags do sometimes just pop up again. A supplier finds extras in a warehouse or customers return them. After all we've seen plenty of other authentic bags from previous seasons show up bnwt on e-bay. It's not all that strange. The seller is a very reputable e-bayer (I've bought from that particular e-bayer in the past myself). Congrats to whoever got those lovely Elishas!
  9. Congrats LIBlue! Good for you!
  10. LIBlue, well done! Bessie mentioned how much you really wanted a red Elisha and I'm so glad you found one. An even better bonus when it's from such a reputable seller. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Definitely post pics when she arrives, I'm definitely delighted for you and the other buyer.

    To the girls who wanted them and never got them - don't worry, there will be others. I speak from experience since I couldn't find a black Ginger for ages, then up it popped, out of the blue! Have faith.
  11. She's an outstanding seller and if she told you she didn't have any then at the time I'm sure she didn't. She gets returns all the time and maybe this is the case. Why not just write her and kindly ask her to contact you if she ever gets another one. She's a pleasure to deal with.
  12. Congratulations, LIblue!! Lninos is one of the best sellers on eBay, so you'll have no worries there! We want to see pics when it comes, so wonderful to get a bag you've lusted after for ages!:heart:
  13. Pot.......Kettle...????
  14. I GOT ONE! From lninos, thanks to an alert from Mini! :heart:

    I've purchased several bags from this seller and I adore her! I should've written her early on to watch for one for me, but it never occurred to me to do so.

    Since I've wanted one for awhile, I'm VERY excited!!! :woohoo:
  15. Congratulations Grace123, we all know how long you have waited for a red Elisha to show up. It was especially awful for you to go through the elation of ordering one from AE and then the order being cancelled. If anyone deserved to find one, it was you. :yahoo:CONGRATULATIONS :woohoo: