OMG, Listen to this!

  1. I just got off the phone with Leslie Nelson; Head of Customer Service at's corporate headquarters in NYC (212-944-8000; for those who want to call and complain). I was upset because UPS never came to get my bag yesterday. Leslie said that they had just been talking about me in a meeting, wondering where the bag was. I asked her about the fake bags they have been selling. She said that they have been investigating their source and sat down with their buyer and looked at a returned balenciaga bag, piece by piece. It was determined that the bag was authentic. :shocked: :censor: :blink: and they are sticking to it. At least now I have names to go with my report to the BBB; you can file a report online. Here is the link for those who have been sent fake bags by bluefly.

    So basically they are going to keep selling those crappy fake bags! I encourage anyone who has purchased a fake handbag from Bluefly to contact Leslie Nelson or Peter C. from their corporate office. Maybe if enough of us call and complain at the appropriate level, something would be done. I just wish I lived close enough to go into their office with their fake bag and my real bags so that I can show them what a REAL bag is supposed to look like since they obviously do not know.
  2. How freakin' frustrating is this? My gosh!!
  3. That is awful! Not shopping at Bluefly...ever. Horrible customer service, if you ask me. The bad thing, I think, is that someone thinks they got a great deal on a bag, paid hundreds of dollars for it, and is walking around with a fake. At least the ladies on here were able to return their bags.
  4. They have more Bals on their site this morning. Fake, I'm sure. Thanks for trying to talk to these people. It sounds like they are being lied to by their buyer and since they are not familiar with this merchandise, they believe what they are being told.
  5. It was determined that the bag was authentic

    what????? are they freaking serious?????:mad:
  6. I think it's time for a letter writing campaign to the CEO of Bluefly. Please stand by... I am going to get that info and post it here.
  7. Melissa Payner, CEO
    42 W 39th St #9
    New York, NY 10018
    phone (212) 944-8000
    fax (212) 354-3400

    (I would fax the letters if you have access to a fax machine)
  8. has anyone attempted to contact someone with authority at balNY?
  9. I just faxed Melissa Payner a letter. I explained that although I did not get one of the bags, I am highly disturbed about this chain of events.
  10. Authentic? That's a load of bull. Those bags are as fake as a $3 bill.

    I will also never shop from Bluefly after this fiasco. I never bought a fake Balenciaga, but we were always under the assumption that Bluefly sold nothing but authentic goods and that it was a legit Web site. Obviously, customer service is not one of their priorities (neither is selling authentic merchandise).
  11. OMG that is SO disturbing!!!!! They have no idea that their reputation is on the line with our community. I don't think I can feel comfortable shopping at bluefly anymore unlike before. Like Cristina said, "Obviously, customer service is not one of their priorities (neither is selling authentic merchandise)." Ladies who puchased a fake balenciaga bag from BlueFly & took pictures, and others who saved screenshots from Bluefly's website, please report them to the BBB.
  12. thanks so much for posting all the info becca & roo. i just left a message for leslie nelson and will now write to mellisa payner...
  13. wow... i can't believe they told that to you becca... this weekend I will write a letter telling them they lost a customer! horrible. I wish there was a way to make this much more public knowledge... ok so they're lying about the Balenciagas... what next!
  14. That is really pathetic. I bought a Judith Leiber wallet from them and now I'm thinking that I should return it, wondering if that's a piece of fake crap too. What is the matter with them? Is it possible they looked at a returned Magenta that WAS authentic and thought it represented the whole of the fake lot? Or are they just lying slime?
  15. Wow! Unbelievable!!! I wish Joseph or Louie or one of the other SAs at Balenciaga in NY would pay them a visit with the real McCoy and sit down with them and compare it to Bluefly's "authentic" bag. They'd have no choice but to admit they've been had!